Streetwear sucks

As long as you’re wearing what's cool at the time, you’re cool, right? We don't think so. Who wants the be the same as everyone else? wear stuff that clashes, play with boundaries and turn heads. If someone curls their lip at you for playing with your style then they just don't get it. Streetwear shouldn't make you part of the clique or fit you into a trend it should be a tool to expand what you’re feeling and who you are, you know what your passionate about, so show everyone else.

Innovative Designs

POLONRG (Started in Bristol, UK) is a culture supplier, proud to bring you the best of Bristol’s art, music and predominantly - fashion. Bristol Streetwear is a vague and loaded term but with POLONRG you can filter out the bandwagon jumpers and let yourself fall effortlessly into the category of trendsetter. We at POLONRG provide original printed graphic t-shirts and eye-catching outfit combinations ideal for standing out. Stop following Bristol Streetwear and start enhancing and evolving it.

Music, Art & Fashion

If you're an up and coming Bristol artist / musician / producer or designer and want to be featured on our site then contact us! we at POLONRG want to flaunt the talents of the unique. Next time someone comes to our site for Bristol Streetwear they may leave with a new favourite artist - as well as some excellent garments ;) . Our intentions are to not only provide you with affordable and current graphic t-shirts and trendy vintage clothing but also to provide a platform for all creativity and exposure. 


Our shop started out on Teemill, but as our business grew we decided to open our own independent online store. Being able to branch out means our customers get better quality products in a wider range of styles, including vintage items!