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Brainwashing is fairly easy, just repetition of a simple idea, that's it. The platform is a TV show or News Article. Our only consolation is that we know we’re being programmed and can counteract it with a heavy eye roll at their lame attempts. keep your mind open and draw your own conclusions.

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A snake has been recorded to survive and bite a victim 90 minutes after having its head severed from its body. Be wary of where you place your trust.

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Heavenly Kid is a 1985 fantasy romcom about a young greaser who dies in a drag-racing accident and is sent to limbo. After meeting his guide, a freaky old man that can't ride a motorbike to save his life, he’s told he must go back to Earth and serve as a guardian angel.
 A Cringe-worthy Cult Classic. 

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The Minidisc is like the awkward middle child. ‘Analogue’ being the talented big sis with a degree, and ‘Digital Music’ being the younger popular brother that skates and listens to vaporwave ironically.

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Toy Supreme


Toyota Supra (トヨタ・スープラ) - Japspeed at Santa pod -

image taken by Robin Corps and displayed on this garment by POLONRG.

The A80 program began in February 1989 under various teams for design, product planning, and engineering. by the middle of 1990, a final A80 design concept was agreed upon. 

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[We live as slaves of information about this planet. Everything to increase your presence]


[Understand who is managing the planet]


[We are money]


[We were built]


[Create wealth]

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