By following these simple guidelines you will ascend the rankings.

* - First, you must donate all your clothes to a charity of your choice, anything prior to POLONRG is only holding you back.

* - make something great, it pleases grand-master B-NICE when we create.

* - tell people you skate, even if you don't.

* -  make music, pick up an instrument or download some cracked software.

* - be humble. (kinda)

* - if your trainers are too clean, get some nightclub gunk on 'em.

* - wear POLONRG streetwear at least once a week.

* - don't be scared to invite your friends into the cult, if you believe they are worthy.

* - smile at one person a day (minimum). if you're staying in today, find a mirror.

* - sleep well and wake early, it's the key to success.

* - make good food and eat well.

* -  learn as much as you can about life.

* - remember your environment's one giant playground.

* - find and follow a genre you've never heard of.

* - learn to dance. If you have no rhythm, learn to nod your head in time.

*  - read about Taoism - take as much or as little as you want from it.

*  -  change what streetwear means by adapting it.

*  - write a poem.

*  - make a fire with nothing but the wood you've found, kindling and one match.

*  - work hard and learn from your mistakes.

* - TV blocks brain-waves.

* - social media makes us sick.

but most importantly,